Piano skills

Class piano is offered every other year. The class is geared towards the beginning pianist. The instructional method is based around the Suzuki pedagogy and the repertoire used is from the Suzuki books. Students also learn scales and exercises from the Hanon book of 60 exercises. The quick pace of this class will require most students to schedule practice times outside of class.

  • Students should log into the respective Google Classroom, to access assignments and receive announcements.
  • Parents may also elect to receive messages from Google Classroom, so they can keep apprised of assignments and events.
  • Google Classroom access codes:
    • period 6 – a2qkfvl
    • period 7 – hhbvapz

Syllabus for Piano Skills I – link

Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the classroom conduct. It is important to take care of our classroom and the equipment.

Summer homework/enrichment
*  Complete 3 activities in a column, row or diagonally from the chart, linked below. Take time to listen to performances on the instrument you will be studying.
Summer homework link