Classroom Conduct


  • ID’s must be available at all times (preferably visible)
  • no food, drink or gum
  • electronics during rehearsals and instructional time ONLY when instructed
  • no jewelry or clothing with sharp edges that can damage instruments
  • hygiene
    • have clean hands to handle equipment
    • keep nails short
    • wind players should rinse out their mouths if they have recently eaten
  • use only assigned equipment
  • store equipment in assigned areas, when not in use

Code of Conduct

    • your music
    • the conductor
    • section leaders
    • fellow musicians
    • to instructions
    • to yourself
    • to your section
    • to the ensemble
    • as if you have an audience
    • give your all to each note
    • you deserve it
    • your peers deserve it
    • the composer deserves it