Orchestra Strings — beginning

The Orchestra Strings-Beginning class is geared towards the novice or intermediate musician. All students, who want to try an orchestra instrument or refresh their skills, are welcome. In this class students will learn to play an orchestra instrument with a characteristic tone, perform as individuals and within an ensemble, read & analyze music, and critique musical performances. One of the goals in this class is to prepare students for the Orchestra Strings-Honors class.

  • Students should check Schoology, to access assignments and receive announcements.
  • Parents may also check Schoology, so they can keep apprised of assignments and events.
  • Additionally, consider adding the TJ performing arts Google Calendar to your calendars. This way you’ll have notices of rehearsals and performances on your calendar.

    Syllabus for Orchestra Strings-Beginning – link

    Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the classroom conduct. It is important to take care of our classroom and the equipment.

    Summer enrichment
    * Complete 3 activities in a column, row or diagonally from the chart, linked below. Take time to listen to performances on the instrument you will be studying.
    Summer activities link