Orchestra Strings — honors

Students wishing to enroll in the Orchestra Strings-Honors class must schedule an audition. This ensemble serves as ambassadors for the school – performing at school functions, community events, and 4 formal concerts each year.

Students in this ensemble commit to practicing their parts at home, so that class time can be used to craft an ensemble sound. They are prepared and willing to take on additional performance opportunities – to represent their community, their school, their music program, and themselves.

Students are asked to challenge themselves individually, as well as to contribute to the ensemble, by building their skills and repertoire. My hope is that my students will be life-long musicians. I work to prepare them for participation in college and community bands, or to be able to organize their own chamber ensembles.

  • Students should check Schoology frequently, to access assignments, course materials, and receive announcements.
  • Parents are also encouraged to check Schoology, to keep apprised of assignments and events.
  • Consider joining the TJ performing arts Google calendar, so that you will have rehearsals, performances & events appear automatically on your calendar.

    Syllabus for Orchestra Strings/Honors – link

    Take a moment and familiarize yourself with the classroom conduct. It is important to take care of our classroom and the equipment.

    Summer enrichment
    *  Complete 3 activities in a column, row or diagonally from the chart, linked below. Take time to listen to performances on the instrument you will be studying.
    *  Practice 20 hours over the summer — about 15-20 minutes a day. Auditions in the autumn will include the all-state audition music, which can be found on the website.
    Summer activities link
    Colorado All-State Orchestra website link